Diablo III open beta this weekend!

Diablo III

An open beta of the highly anticipated third part of the Diablo series is coming up this weekend. People will be able to play with each of the five classes, with a level cap of 13. All you need for playing is a Battle.net account, and you can already download the client ahead of time here: https://us.battle.net/account/download/index.xml. The open beta will last From Friday, April 20th, at 21:01 CEST, until Monday, April 23rd, at 19:00 CEST.

Source: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/blog/4105609/Diablo_III_Open_Beta_Weekend_-20_04_2012

I will probably give it a try, even though Saturday happens to be a workday here. It’s nice of Blizzard to give everyone a taste of the game before release. I had a reasonable amount of fun with Diablo II (though I never really got into the multiplayer), so I’m looking forward to the third installment.