Video Game Music of the Week – 22-28.10.2012

There is one superhero I simply cannot ignore in this mini-series. One that originated in games, and subsequently even got his own cartoon! It’s Earthworm Jim, the amazing creation of Shiny Entertainment, and one of the staples of the 16-bit era, at least for me. With its incredible humour and charm, Earthworm Jim achieved a level of characterisation few games had by then. I wish there were more games like it, but some things are really, sadly “once in a lifetime.” At least there is still some hope for a new Jim game, and even though the first two pieces of brilliance were followed up by the mediocre 3D version, the creators just might give us something great again. Anyway, the Earthworm Jim song I picked today is surely familiar to anyone who’s booted it at least once – it’s New Junk City.

Composers: Mark Miller; Tommy Tallarico (SEGA/Mega CD arrangement)
Game: Earthworm Jim: Special Edition (SEGA/Mega CD)
Song:  New Junk City

Video Game Music of the Week – 27.08-02.09.2012

In line with my recent adventure game review, this week’s theme comes from Hideo Kojima’s thrilling adventure Snatcher – my favourite adventure game to date. As usual with Kojima games, it’s all about the plot – the man shows his talent yet again, even though it’s in a more futuristic setting than Metal Gear. The song plays whenever Gillian, the main character, finds out something important during his investigation. Since Snatcher was released on many systems, with slightly (sometimes massively) different-sounding soundtrack on each, I have picked my favourite one – the SEGA CD/Mega CD version, which is conveniently also the one version with an official English release of the game.

Composers: Akira Yamaoka, Keizo Nakamura, Masanori Adachi, Kazuhito Imai, Masanori Ouchi
Game: Snatcher (SEGA CD/Mega CD)
Song:  Pleasure of Tension

Video Game Music of the Week – 04-10.06.2012

Continuing the “vocals in video game songs” theme, this week’s game music of the week is Lucia’s Theme from Lunar: Eternal Blue – the English, SEGA/Mega CD version. It’s a really nice, touching song, fitting nicely with the game’s theme. I prefer this one to the PlayStation Eternal Blue Complete version – Kelly’s voice is just nicer to listen to than Jennifer Stigle’s.

If you haven’t played the two main Lunar games and you like RPGs, give them a shot! While the stories themselves aren’t THAT special, the casts are awesome (Ghaleon being one of my favourite game characters), and Working Designs’ localisation work is top-notch, making the English versions retain the hilarity of the Japanese ones.

Composer: Noriyuki Iwadare
Singer: Kelly Weaver
Game: Lunar: Eternal Blue (SEGA/Mega CD)
Song: Lucia’s Theme