Video Game Music of the Week – 07-13.01.2013

The first video game music of the week to be posted in 2013 comes from another arcade shooter – Sammy’s Viewpoint on SNK’s glorious Neo Geo. I remember the game being insanely difficult with its rather weird isometric view, I don’t think I ever made it past the first stage. On the other hand, the music was quite groovy, and thus, I’m sharing the first stage song with you.

Composers: Sizla, Masaki Kase, Megumi M.
Game: Viewpoint
Song: Not There At All

Video Game Music of the Week – 24-30.12.2012

Merry Christmas to all Between Life and Games readers!

I really wanted to have a song from a Christmas-themed game today, while also keeping with the arcade theme that recently started. The best I could come up with was Snow Bros, a fun little game by Toaplan of Zero Wing fame. It was a very charming game, if similar in terms of gameplay to other arcade stuff from those days, like Tumblepop and Bubble Bobble (though a quick fact check shows that Tumblepop came a year later than Snow Bros).

Composer: Mikiko Suzuki
Game: Snow Bros
Song:  Stage Theme 1

Video Game Music of the Week – 10-16.12.2012

In the good old days, the good old arcade cabinets ate quite a few of my coins… And, naturally, the beat ’em up genre was flourishing. I’ve already mentioned my love for The Punisher back then, but the true classic of the genre I first got the chance to experience was Technos’ Double Dragon. The first stage theme is one of the many memorable things about this rather clunky, but highly entertaining and extremely important game. And here it is, Arrival of the Black Warriors. The arranged version is also worth checking out, easy to find that one on YouTube.

Composer: Kazunaka Yamane
Game: Double Dragon
Song:  The City Slums (Arrival of the Black Warriors)

Video Game Music of the Week – 24-30.09.2012

Long before the Phoenix Wright series was created, Capcom were quite famous for their stellar arcade games. Street Fighter is of course the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Capcom in the arcades, but they also made some stellar beat ’em ups. Final Fight became perhaps the most popular, mostly thanks to the later console entries, but there were other gems like Captain Commando, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, and, of course, The Punisher. The Punisher was one of my favourite games as a kid, I invested quite a few coins in that good old arcade cabinet… I preferred to use Nick Fury instead of the titular character, his design was just cooler, but the game also had some decent music – definitely among the best arcade music at the time. I chose the first stage’s song for this week, I am sure that people who have played The Punisher will not take more than a few seconds into the video to remember it.

Composers: “Pi-Bomb” Shimomura, Isao Abe
Game: The Punisher (arcade)
Song:  Stage 1